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Friday, November 11th 2005


Freaking pasta....

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Bloody Jamie Ovular….


Oh great! Due to this new schools healthy eating campaign, we now have pasta with everything. (Yuk.) Come next October, we will probably even have pasta with the puddings. This is fine – as long as you like eating pieces of shaped and textured rubber. If, however, you do not, then unfortunately you are stuffed (or maybe, not.)


Oh well, I will just have to have a jacket potato every day, tsk, tsk. (That’s ‘potatoe’, if you are Dan Quayle.) And what was that with the pudding?? It looked like albino custard - or possibly glue.


Yes folks, I am moaning about food again.


Apart from that, today was quite good, although I think that I may be attempting to teach the world’s only surviving brain-donor. Either that or the poor kid’s mother wanted to play the piano, but decided instead to do it via her son. Personally, I don’t think that playing the piano vicariously though one’s offspring should be allowed….


Hmm, reminds me – got a busy week-end coming up. Apart from it being Remembrance Sunday, I am supposed to be giving (heavy emphasis on that word) an organ recital after Evensong. That will be fun, since the only time I can practise is on Saturday night and I have advertised the programme as including an entire Mendelssohn Sonata and the final movement from Widor’s Sixth. Rats…. If only we actually had an acoustic (well, some resonance). This would, of course, help to blur the edges, generally reduce stress levels and save a considerable amount of practice-time. Ho-hum.


Oh well, at least in the afternoon I will be able to scare a bunch of Scouts and Guides witless by using the horizontal trumpets for the fanfare before the National Anthem. It is always fun watching them gasping and trembling, with their little terror-stricken faces peering out from under a sea of green and blue caps.


However, somewhat before all that, I have a choir practice. Tonight, in fact. I just hope that my boss doesn’t want to practise Stanford, in G. The notes are OK, but it is always a bit interesting turning the pages whilst playing. It is not possible to do it with just one copy (at least, not without leaving out some of the notes) but with two copies, you have to remember which one to turn and when to turn, otherwise you can suddenly find yourself playing pages in a sort-of backwards order – at which point it begins to sound less like Charles Villiers Stanford and more like Charles Ives. This is, naturally, something which my boss will just not want and will, in any case, merely serve to confuse the choir. Poor souls.


Oh well, off to teach again, soon. Maybe I will update again later tonight. If you’re really good, I may put up one or two new galleries.



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