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Tuesday, November 8th 2005


umm...Dublin, actually

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An electric post thingy from a friend reminded me that I have a journal – still new, here….


Well, Dublin was brilliant. Everyone was really friendly and helpful. It is a fantastic city with loads to see and do.


Fortunately there were no nuns on the plane. However, there was the obligatory vomiting child (who actually barfed before we had taken off). Naturally the child was seated directly in front of me – as usual. Fortunately the stewardess gave the mother several sick-bags so we were spared wall-to-wall technicolour yawns.


I managed to play the organs of St. Patrick’s and Christ Church cathedrals – both excellent in different ways. Again everyone was really welcoming.


There is a real buzz to Dublin – and it didn’t rain….much. Loads of Russian and Polish people there, with loads of galleries, museums, cafés and places to eat. I managed not to drink any Guinness – it just looks well, funny. Think I will stick to vodka.


The hotel was good – except that a train track ran diagonally across the roof of the reception area so every few minutes the whole building shook and there was this big rumble – even louder than the 32ft. reed at St. Patrick’s….


I will upload another gallery later today with a few pix of Dublin and stuff. Not all of them came out. The organ console at St. Patrick’s is in the front of the organ chamber, close to the edge of the triforium arch, so I had to lean out, stretch my arm and guess where to point, since I couldn’t see the viewfinder thing. Oh well, some of them were not too wobbly.



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